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Choose Aerospace

Choose Aerospace

About the Organization

Choose Aerospace, in partnership with various industry and educational entities, offers a high school aviation curriculum aligning with FAA Mechanic Airman Certification Standards to prepare students for FAA mechanic certification. The flexible program covers essential knowledge and skills, allowing students to pursue certification through work experience or further education at FAA-certified schools. Choose Aerospace assists students in establishing pathways to certification through agreements with educational programs and local aviation companies, providing support to address credit acceptance inquiries.

About Scholarships

The Choose Aerospace aviation curriculum, developed in partnership with Clemson University Center for Workforce Development, ARCS Aviation, the Aviation Technician Education Council, and other industry stakeholders, provides students with a streamlined path to FAA mechanic certification. This approximately 500-hour program is designed to address the growing demand for aviation technical personnel and support career development. It is suitable for high school classrooms and offers modular content for flexible implementation. High schools utilizing the curriculum have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship totaling $2,000 to cover licensing fees for ten students.


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