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In July 2013 Dee’s family, under the leadership of Dee’s daughter Dee Ann Bridges and I, established The Dee Howard Foundation “…to preserve and build on the legacies of Dee Howard, Ed Swearingen, and other San Antonio aviation pioneers by improving access to and the quality of education, technical skills training, and employment opportunities in the San Antonio Region and continuing the legacy of innovative technological leadership in the global aviation and aerospace markets.”

Between July 2013 and December 2021, in collaboration with our community partners, we launched numerous initiatives to implement that vision with a common theme among them, i.e. to focus primarily on Pre-K thru 12 underserved students and to use aviation and aerospace to engage those students in the STEAM curriculum. All of our programing was tied to this overarching theme with the leading education initiative being the DHF Pre-K thru 12 Aeronautical STEM Initiative to develop curriculum and programming which would be integrated as part of the student’s daily curriculum during the school day. All of the initiatives launched through Dec. 2021 were and will continue to be under the umbrella of, and led by, The Dee Howard Foundation (DHF), but more work remains to be done.

To continue that work beyond the San Antonio Region, in January 2022, Dee Ann Bridges and I, in collaboration with others, launched a new foundation, the Dee Howard International Education Foundation (DHEDF) (originally known as Dee Howard Education Fund). DHEDF will focus on (a) sharing the lessons learned at DHF beyond the San Antonio Region with a broader national constituency, (b) the launch of a Pre-K thru 12 Automotive STEM Initiative (including within the San Antonio Region), (c) developing programing and resources to help implement the DHEDF Mission Statement, and (d) the preservation and management of the Dee Howard Memorabilia in support of the DHEDF Mission.

So the work continues. We invite you to continue to support The Dee Howard Foundation and all of its Initiatives as well as the Mission and new initiatives undertaken by the Dee Howard International Education Foundation.

Wayne I. Fagan

Chair, Dee Howard International Education Foundation

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