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Southwest Airlines grants acholarships to support educational opportunities for students

Southwest Airlines grants acholarships to support educational opportunities for students

About the Organization

Southwest Airlines Co. operates one of the world's most admired and awarded airlines, offering its one-of-a-kind value and Hospitality at 121 airports across 11 countries. Southwest took flight in 1971 to democratize the sky through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel and now carries more air travelers flying nonstop within the United States than any other airline1. Based in Dallas and famous for an Employee-first corporate Culture, Southwest maintains an unprecedented record of no involuntary furloughs or layoffs in its history.

About Scholarships

Southwest Airlines' 2023 Scholarship Program awarded 17 scholarships totaling $290,000 over four years. The program includes the Herbert D. Kelleher and Rollin W. King Scholarship, honoring the airline's founders, and the Southwest Airlines Scholarship, aimed at promoting diversity and equal opportunities for students nationwide. Recipients also received two round trip tickets on Southwest. These scholarships, funded by the Southwest Airlines Foundation, support students pursuing various fields, including aerospace engineering and aviation business administration at accredited institutions. Southwest Airlines remains committed to investing in initiatives that drive positive change and sustainability.


Dee Howard International Education Foundation

Rural STEM Initiative

  • Benefit from involvement with top educators and scientists!
  • Participate in a national dialogue with rural school peers!
  • Contribute to the structure and implementation of STEM programming
  • Collaboration!
  • Bring unlimited possibilities to bright young lives through learning!