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Automotive Aftermarket Scholarships Central

Automotive Aftermarket Scholarships Central

About the Organization

The +500K businesses in the auto care industry form a coast-to-coast network of independent automotive aftermarket manufacturers, distributors, repair shops, marketers and retailers small and large. At its core, this integrated grid of professionals is dedicated to providing the quality parts, products and vehicle service and repair for all 290 million vehicles on the road today.

About Scholarships

Automotive Aftermarket Scholarships Central serves as a centralized hub for students aspiring to pursue careers in the automotive aftermarket and commercial vehicle industry. With over 500,000 businesses comprising this network nationwide, including manufacturers, distributors, repair shops, marketers, and retailers, the industry is committed to delivering quality parts, products, and vehicle services for the millions of vehicles on the road. This scholarship program offers students access to numerous scholarship opportunities from more than 40 organizations through a single application, simplifying the process and expanding the possibilities for those entering this dynamic field.